These classes are structured to teach both, those who need a refresher, and novices who want to communicate effectively in Spanish. 

Whether your goal is to learn Spanish to help you communicate, on the job, on vacation, for fun or personal development, these conversation-based classes will help you meet that goal! 

This non-conventional classes are designed to teach Spanish in an engaging manner. There will be games, role-playing and lots of fun, we will set up sessions of 12 classes to meet your goals.

Group classes according with your level.

Customized special sessions available for Spanish in the Workplace:  International Businesses, Health Care, Management, Government Agencies, Travelers and more.... 



·   Private classes, adults and tutorials, $200.00 a month for one or two family members (with same level of Spanish) for 1 hr in our locations: Sacramento or Folsom.

·   Family group (up to four members)  $260.00 a month for 1 hour in  our location.

·   Basic class for you a group of 4 children min. $80.00 a month each student for once a week 1 hr. class.

·  Private Adult conversational class$200.00 a month for two times a week 1 hr class.

·   Group Adult class: $90.00 a month for once a week 1 hr. class






Private only



Conversational Club for Advanced Students


Private only


Basic Adult Class  


Private only


Private and Groups for Adults and Teens

Tutorials Available 

At our location or yours! 


For more information contact us at: (916) 486-8276 or email us at: info@thespanishimmersion.com 

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